Oscar Oswald


I am a poet and editor teaching English at the University of Idaho.

I grew up in the southwest, and hopped around the northwest and the Mojave before landing in the Palouse. My interests in poetry include modernist and postmodernist writers such as Barbara Guest, Lorine Niedecker, and Erin Moure, as well as global literatures and especially Eastern European and Latin American traditions.

My book of poems Irredenta applies a pastoral framework to the American wilderness, in particular what is ‘untouched’ and ‘untamable’ within the United States. It is an experimental thing, written in a sequential mode, drawing upon the work of Henry Thoreau, Gertrude Stein, and Rene Char. I love the desert, and this is why I wrote the book.

I spend my free time hiking and walking – always on my feet.


University of Idaho, 2021
Moscow, ID

University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2016-2021
Las Vegas, NV

Portland Community College, 2013-2016
Portland, OR


Witness, 2017-2019
Poetry Editor

Noemi Press, 2013-2016
Assistant Editor